22 Jun

Active 0.1 – Elastic EP

Скачать бесплатно Active 0.1 - Elastic EP

  • WEEK Jul. 2017/27
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 13 min 6 sec

Track 1

1. Rasomatica – Elastic. [6:31 66 Em]

Track 2

2. Wonderglyder – Elastic. [6:35 132 Dbm]


Elastic is back from his hibernating state after focusing more into his house alter ego “Fog”…… it”s time to deliver his long awaited EP on Spiral Trax. Always lurking underneath the prog / trance genre after releasing 2 personal LP”s and a bulk of tracks on several V/A compilations his “Active 0.1” EP is what we like to call a gentle futuristic throwback. He has been always a retro class fan and that is the basic idea behind this imprint.Subtle warm elements pads fx and a lush symbiotic relationship of beats and bass lines constructing this 2 track luminous carve. We are more than happy after all these years to have him onboard and here is the first trip O.1 wait for 0.2 in the near future. Born in Corfu ( GR ) Achilleas Dimitracopoulos began his musical attempts as a youngster been a fanatic collector of vinyl and cds. This helped him to shape a circular thinking around Electronica and therefore proceed as been a party thrower into various places. It was only natural music production to take place so after his graduation on CGA he bought his first equipment and start composing some beats.To make the long story short add a lot of luck dedication and hard work made him releasing his virginal debut as a full length album on the mighty Yellow Sunshine Explosion. His “Air” album became an instant sold out seller which drove him into producing / releasing material on several V/As on the label along with another banging EP on Tribal Vision / Shivlink and and another Album “Back Home”. Elastic is a project that”s taking his time before making the next move since the same thing after all these years” stands the same Love and care about music and audience.

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