21 May

Amira Saqati – Destination Halal

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  • WEEK Oct. 2005/41
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 7619942912628

1. Madinti2. Sabra Dima3. Marrakech X-press4. Habibati5. Galbi Tabe6. Aboun Salehoun7. Sans tes mots8. Oumayma9. Felestin10. Hel Aeynik11. Imane12. The cobra dance13. Zouak14. Psy Habibi


After over 11 years of collaborations with diverse Barraka artists(such as Aisha Kandisha”s……Jarring Effects Ahlam Azzdine…) and after 10000 sold copies of their previous albums “Agdal Reptiles on Majoun”1995 and “Al Bharr”1998 Youssef El Mejjad and Pat Jabbar finally release their third album “Destination Halal” under the name of Amira Saqati(Moroccan dialect for “a piece of something”)Far away from any “sex and drugs and rock”n”roll” – party lifeSTYLE: attitude the recordings were made in Marrakech during the spiritual and holy period of Ramadan 2004 under as “Halal” as possible conditionsEven if music in general became a secondary thing in their lifes it still remains an important and strong way of expression to share ideas and convictions.

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