14 Jun

Andromeda – The Remixes

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  • WEEK Jul. 2005/29
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. 1920 (Manmademan rmx)2. Different perspective (Alternate Vision rmx)3. Greetings of psychaosis (Artax rmx)4. Deep (Blue Vortex rmx)5. The collective (12 moons rmx)6. Waterworld (Soul Surfer rmx)7. Adrenochrome (Safi connection rmx)8. Sunrise middle east (Tikal rmx)9. Imploded (Soundfield rmx)


Digi Pak with 9 exclusive and unreleased remixes by Andromeda….for major acts like Tikal ManMadeMan Artax Safi Connection 12 Moons and more…Watch OUT FOR Andromeda IN THE Year 2005! If any act within the psychedelic scene will make a difference in STYLE: and quality then Andromeda will be your new bet. Lets face it.The majority of Progressive Trance acts are boring and formulated either too old to be innovative or simply too short sighted to differ.Our signing policy on Y.S.E. has always been based on cherry picking and with Andromeda”s debut release “Temptations” in 2004 we know that Andromeda is destined to be a winner.

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