25 Mar

Anomalia – Call Of Darkness Part 1EP

Скачать бесплатно Anomalia - Call Of Darkness Part 1EP

  • WEEK Nov. 2013/48
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 28 min 48 sec

Track 1

1. We want your soul. [6:50]

Track 2

2. Psy Active. [7:55]

Track 3

3. Naturally Psychedelic. [7:40]

Track 4

4. Call of darkness. [6:23]


DNA Records is delighted to present the new EP from Anomalia named “Call Of Darkness Part 1”.The talented producer Eli Brina is the man behind the project Anomalia.In April he released the amazing “Speakers EP” on DNA Records and now he is back with “Call of Darkness Part 1” which is the first release in his new series of EPs which will be released as three separate releases.Anomalia has been featured on both “Perception Vol 6 with the track “The Dark Caesar” and on DNA”s EP “Caffeine Remixes Vol 1”. He was also featured on “Get Connected Volume 2” with the great track “The Opera Tune” and on “Get Connected Volume 3” with the track “Crunch”.”Call Of Darkness” includes four exclusive and brilliant Psy trance tracks. This EP truly marks the beginning of a new era for Anomalia. On Call of Darkness you can really hear that he has taken his music several steps in a new direction and it can now be perceived as more psychedelic and darker than ever before. Can you hear the darkness calling?

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