28 May

Asura – Radio Universe

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  • WEEK Nov. 2014/45
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 03760180500758

1. Overture2. Interlude Sky3. Oblivion Gravity4. Gaea (Transit)5. Ascension in Blue6. Farscape 77. Lonely Star8. Illuminations9. Back to Earth10. Everlasting (Album Edit)


Radio Universe the fourth album by French composer Charles Farewell aka Asura to be released on…… Ultimae presents a renewed vision of the seventies Space Music legacy.This musical odyssey sends one drifting and spiralling through deep bass drones and multi-layered synth pads contrasted by the classic downtempo tracks the artist is famously known for.A modern echo to the works of Jean-Michel Jarre Klaus Schulze and Vangelis floats all over the ten tracks of this galactic journey which will stand as a warp in music history and certainly a transition in Asura”s discography.

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