22 May

Beat Herren – Destiny EP

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  • WEEK Dec. 2013/51
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 31 min 50 sec

Track 1

1. This is copy – Beat Herren. [8:28]

Track 2

2. Destiny – Beat Herren. [8:14]

Track 3

3. Fucking Revolution – Beat Herren. [7:50]

Track 4

4. Breaking Down (Beat Herren rmx) – Marco Menichelli. [7:18]


Beat Herren releases a brand new EP named “Destiny”…… including four fresh progressive trance-tracks.The work contains songs that hypnotize with their generous space-grooves and their positive and emotional vibes. Beat Herren co-owns the well known Stairs club in Zurich. He is part of Switzerland”s trance scene for more than 20 years and is one of Switzerland”s pioneers in this genre being a producer and a DJ. His experience has flown into this EP.”Destiny” puts the present of progressive trance in a nutshell without forgetting the genre”s glorious past. This EP is a “floorkiller” it”s a crystal clear statement and last but not least “Destiny” is an imperative invitation for pumping up the volume and experiencing the “danceability” of these four wonderful tracks.Take an ear full and you”ll know what is meant!

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