02 Nov

Black Noise and Peyote – Illegal Tranceactions EP

Скачать бесплатно Black Noise, Peyote - Illegal Tranceactions EP

  • WEEK Nov. 2015/47
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 31 min 50 sec

Track 1

1. Gravitational Waves – Black Noise Peyotes. [9:00]

Track 2

2. Illegal Transactions – Black Noise Peyotes. [7:30]

Track 3

3. The High Dose Experience – Black Noise Peyotes. [7:17]

Track 4

4. In Orbit – Black Noise. [8:03]


Sangoma Records are more then happy to present the next EP…… filled with full power morning maniac music and with a good dose of the golden Goa days. Mind your head the modulators are taking over! Black Noise is one of the leading artists of the new psychedelic Greek school which love to bend brains with their trademark analogue sounds. For this release Costas Angelopoulos teamed up with Panayiotis Tsokris (Peyotes) to present three collaboration tunes and one solo track fresh out of the studio from the city of the gods Athens. AsBlack Noise releases on labels such as TIP Records Goa Productions Nano Bmss Phantasm and others we at Sangoma are happy to present you something that corresponds with our idea of morning music. These tunes will keep the party going and are far away from the generic and predictable formula music which unfortunately dominates many contemporary daytime dance-floors. Expect some energetic psychedelia for a deep trance – aimed for the euphoric and ecstatic moments that make you explore the mysteries of the universe.The man behind The Black Noise Project is Costas Angelopoulos aka Xtatic Shiva a Psychedelic and Goa Trance producer from Athens Greece. He”s been into music production since 2005 and Black Noise is his latest project that dives into Deep Psychedelic Trance and explores the mysteries of the universe and its contents by translating colors feelings memories scents and sounds into rhythmic bursts of energy. Shorlty after its birth the project releases music on Nano Phantasm Blacklite Bmss Geomagnetic Goa Productions and Maharetta records and joins legendary TIP Records” family…and the journey continues…Peyotes is Panagiotis Tsokris from Athens Greece. His passion for music and the dance-floor vibe pushed him into producing his favorite kind Psytrance! Expect twisted grooves sharp leads and a night-time experience that will take you far from where you are!

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