25 Jun

Bliss – The Rhythmus Gene

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  • WEEK Dec. 2005/51
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. The Love Hack2. No Gravity3. The Rhythmus gene4. Upside down5. Dirty Boy6. Pause7. Tidal waves8. Bliss – Monitor Access9. Miracle Whip10. Spaceless


The Love Hack a killer vocoded vocal and a pumping bassline – this is a late night stormer……stormer that takes no prisoners.NO Gravity – Techno bass and scratchy trance madness adds up to a wild stomper for the most fullon parties.. THE Rhythmus Gene-Morning sounds mutate into a bass driven monster – This is the new Israeli tech trance sound. Upside Down – A gorgeous stretched and skewered melody finely woven with a steel cored blaster of a tune…Absolutely deadly on the dancefloor.. Dirty BOY – Porno based hard trancer.. Bubbling synths spiral down to the sub basement and surface again with mad classical guitar to the fore..Pause – Down and dirty balls to the wall rocker. A floorfiller for the darkest hours of the darkest nights..Tidal Waves – Wave after wave of sculptured sounds give way to a see-saw bass and crunching percussion..Bliss – Monitor Access A romping stomping techno tinged masterpiece. From its pumping bleeping intro it builds up and up into a fierce trance soundclash with a killer reverbed riff floated over the top. Miracle Whip – Mutant piano underpins a stomping masterclass in left of centre tech trance. Lights a fire under any trancefloor.Spaceless- Time and space frozen then squeezed out into a massive kick and bass propelled stormer with a beautiful gated indian vocal..

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