15 Nov

Crank – Intelligent Machines EP

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  • WEEK Nov. 2014/48
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 20 min 40 sec

Track 1

1. DMT Velocity – Quantum Electric Machine. [7:08]

Track 2

2. Intelligent Machines – Crank. [6:46]

Track 3

3. LSD 25 – Crank FFT. [6:46]


DNA Records is delighted to present the brand new EP from Crank “Crank – Intelligent Machines”.Crank is Francisco Orozco from Mexico. He has been producing for several years under the name Dj Imix and his contribution to the Mexican Psy trance scene has already taken him far. Crank was featured on the compilation “Get Connected Volume 3” with three tracks and two EP”s “Time To Get Serious” and “Spiritual Answers”. “Intelligent Machines” contains three brilliant unreleased tracks by Crank. One original track along with a great remix of Quantum vs Electric Machine track “DMT Velocity”.The EP ends with the track “LSD 25” which is done in collaboration with FFT. Crank uses select frequencies whilst keeping a high level of harmony in the tracks creating a world of intelligent machines that spread to all of your senses.The mixture of a serious yet harmonic vibe is the backbone in Cranks music and the general concept of Intelligent Machines EP. So welcome to the Intelligent Machines age!

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