15 Nov

Digital Impulse – Up Me EP

Скачать бесплатно Pulsar, Thaihanu - Uplifting Remixes

  • WEEK Jun. 2017/24
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 67 min 42 sec

Track 1

1. Exploration Of Mars (Monolock rmx). [8:21]

Track 2

2. Creador Del Cosmo (Black Marvin rmx). [7:50]

Track 3

3. Resurrection (Terapeutica rmx). [6:58]

Track 4

4. Secrets (Slow Control rmx). [6:26]

Track 5

5. Shamanis (Norma Project rmx). [8:23]

Track 6

6. Waking Dreams (Astro-D rmx). [7:00]

Track 7

7. Uplifting Minds (01-N rmx). [7:13]

Track 8

8. The World Is Changed (Suria rmx). [7:50]

Track 9

9. Creador Del Cosmo (Jedidiah rmx). [7:41]


Goa Records is excited to bring you an amazingly fresh new album “Uplifting Remixes”…… featuring 9 exclusive new versions of each track originally released on the chart topping debut album by Chilean Psytrance duo Pulsar and Thaihanu.In their own words Manuel and Mauricio share their profound appreciation and excitement for all the support and love they have received on this project. After 4 years from our debut album we are super proud to present the remixes made by artist around all corners of the globe like Monolock Black Marvin Terapeutica Slow Control Norma Project Astro-D 01-N Suria and Jedidiah. Powerful bass lines hypnotic arpeggios deep ambient soundscapes and metallic sounds covered by melodic leads are the perfect ingredients in this new album taking your mind directly out of the universe.

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