23 Sep

Down To One – Take Me Higher EP

Скачать бесплатно Anyma, Astral Sense - Take a Deep Breath EP

  • WEEK Feb. 2017/06
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 19 min 20 sec

Track 1

1. Take a Deep Breath. [10:25]

Track 2

2. Breaking the Silent. [8:55]


Goa Records presents this perfect collaboration release from our two very talented and special…… Goa Records presents this perfect collaboration release from our two very talented and special artists Anyma from the USA and Astral Sense from Serbia. With these two progressive psytrance tracks the artists transport listeners to a deeper mental plane which will sweep dancers into fun swirling positive energy zones full of mystic emotion. Sal Kubis under the alias “Anyma” is an upcoming Psytrance Producer/DJ born and raised in New York U.S.A. His father gave him his first guitar at 12 years of age and that”s when it all began. Sal grew up with a musical background in Classic Rock and Heavy Metal but was always open minded to all types of music and eventually found himself producing Psychedelic Music. Sal is currently signed to Ovnimoon Records Goa Records Parabola Records (Geomagnetic).Milan Rakic a.k.a. Sideeffected and Astral Sense comes from a small town Krusevac in Serbia! As a teenager started listening electronic music such as trance and house and later could not resist uplifting space melodies and fast tempos of goa and psychedelic trance music! Under the influence of psy trance and goa started dj-ing where he found full support of the local more experienced djs and producers!Started dj-ing festivals and parties all over Serbia and later producing! His debut edition was in “Geomagnetic Records” with his friend Ascent with track “Teardrops”! Later they founded psytrance project called “Elgiva” and released one EP “Gifts From Elves” and full album “Mysticism” all in “Ovnimoon Records”!

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