24 May

Drop Control – Digital Consciousness EP

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  • WEEK May. 2015/20
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 35 min 44 sec

Track 1

1. System Modulation. [7:52]

Track 2

2. Digital Consciousness. [9:18]

Track 3

3. Deep Times. [9:38]

Track 4

4. Space Traffic. [8:56]


Ovnimoon Records presents a new ep from Mexican duo Drop Control with…… Digital Consciousness 4 amazing progressive psychedelic tracks primed and ready to explode from the speakers as they showcase the deep realms of foot stomping mega top produced bass heavy and techy STYLE: which comes from the minds of David Zerecero aka Raindrop and Emmanuel Elias aka Self Control.

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