28 Jun

Evan Marc – Emotional Ecology

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  • WEEK Jul. 2007/28
  • STYLE: Progressive House
  • STOCK: Require 2-6 days
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Skyline2. Centigrade3. Silver4. Lineform5. Shuffle Bits6. Active Ingredient7. Stamen8. Spacesuit9. Divide By Zero10. Ekoshok11. Spiralhouse


Brooding ambient experimentation improvisation filled with emotionThese are some of the words that describe the sound of Evan Marc (aka Bluetech). A classically trained pianist and master of the art of software production Evan”s love of the melodic and exquisite sense of sound design makes him one of the most ingenious producers today. Evan achieved international recognition and success with his downtempo / chill-out project Bluetech releasing three full-length albums on Waveform Records and Aleph Zero Records. His unique twist on the psy-chill sound incorporating elements of IDM and dub and the top-notch production quality of his music made waves throughout the chill-out world. A need to expand his sound lead him to explore his love for tech-house resulting in his latest album “Emotional Ecology.” On “Emotional Ecology ” Evan delves into the deeper side of tech-house and brings to it his signature production quality and atmospheric sensibility that defined the Bluetech sound. “I really wanted to make an album which brought a sense of the sacred to the dance floor ” Evan says of the album. “I”ve always loved the sense of play that people feel when they release themselves to the moment in dance. It”s light hearted healing and holy all at the same time. This album was written for people who dance. It was written to make a safe space for people to let themselves go and experience magic through movement.” His signature touch on the tech-house sound is sure to make “Emotional Ecology” a stand out release in the genre and a sought after release for collectors who know premium quality electronic music. PsyBooty Records is proud to present yet another ground breaking genre bending masterpiece by Evan Marc!

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