04 Nov

Frost Raven – Ultimate End

Скачать бесплатно VA - UK Trance

  • WEEK Feb. 2004/09
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Superfly – Aphid Moon2. Secret Lab – Error Corrective3. Fiver – Fortu4. Saw Dust – Compressor5. Daisy Cutter Remix – Dino Psaras6. Art of Feng Shui – Voice Of Cod7. Dawn Raider – Tristan8. Mysterons (annarchy vs Dickster rmx) – MumboJumbo9. Just say no (the melodic mumble) – Cosmosis and MumboJumbo


A must have CD for all lovers of quality psy trance.UK trance is a collection of brand new tracks from the finest producers in the UK including legendary producers such as Dino Psaras Cosmosis and Tristan as well as the best of the rising new talent.A lot of psy trance in the last year has come from further shores this album showcases the cutting edge trance coming out of the UK that is creating dancefloor frenzies all around the globe.The compilation flows from hard full on night time sounds into epic morning bliss. Full on night time mayhem is delivered by the established Aphid moon and newcomers Error Corrective Fortu and Compressor.Trance legend Dino Psaras slowly brings us into the early hours with the funky Daisy Cutter Rmx followed by the innovative sound of “Voice Of Cod” which are Colin O.O.O.D and Andrew Humphries.Daylight arrives and what better way to go into it than with morning maestro Tristan. Dick Trevor of Green Nuns Of The Revolution fame follows with a floaty remix of Mysterons by MumboJumbo.Rounding things off is a track from the legendary Cosmosis touched by the hand of our own DJ Kuma.

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