02 Mar

Grievous Angel – Belief Is The Enemy

Скачать бесплатно Grievous Angel - Belief Is The Enemy

  • WEEK t.b.a.
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: Require 2-6 days
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc

1. We want you – Grievous Angel
2. Lickle Friction – Grievous Angel
3. Gone Gone Gone – Grievous Angel
4. Immigrant – Grievous Angel
5. 1985 STYLE: – Grievous Angel
6. Long gone dub – Grievous Angel Rubi Dan
7. Move down low – Grievous Angel Rubi Dan
8. Culture Killer – Grievous Angel Rubi Dan
9. Soundman Tribute – Grievous Angel
10. Velvet Dub (Bitten by the Black Dog) – Grievous Angel1
1. Culture Killer (Discomix) – Grievous Angel1
2. Velvet Dub – Grievous Angel1
3. 1985 STYLE: – Grievous Angel1
4. Bad Man Dub (Black Hole rmx) – Grievous Angel1
5. Velvet Dub – Grievous Angel1
6. Gone Gone Gone – Grievous Angel1
7. Long Gone Dub – Grievous Angel Rubi Dan1
8. We Want You – Grievous Angel1
9. Lickle Friction – Grievous Angel20. Glitter Dub – Grievous Angel2
1. Culture Killer – Grievous Angel Rubi Dan2
2. Immigrant – Grievous Angel2
3. Soundman Tribute – Grievous Angel2
4. Culture Killer (Discomix) – Grievous Angel2
5. Move Down Low (Version) – Grievous Angel2
6. Move Down Low – Grievous Angel Rubi Dan


Grievous Angel is a dubstep and ragga techno group run by Paul.meme.Grievous Angel delivers soundsystem-ready dubstep bass pummelling and a unique form of ragga techno combines acidic power electronics with ragga beats and dancehall MCing from infamous dance hall MC Rubi Dan who is resident with London”s Heatwave soundsystem. Grievous Angel”s influences include Tackhead Throbbing Gristle Saxon Sound King Jammy and El B.A first-wave garage fan who went all the way from jungle to dark 2step paul.meme is well known for the iconic “Dubstep Sufferah” series of DJ mixes that have pushed the boundaries of the form and reunited dubstep with both MC-driven dancehall and grime. His early mp3 releases received glowing reviews in the Wire by dub expert Steve Barker who also commissioned a reggae and breakcore mix from paul.meme.This is the first official release for Paul – a beautiful mix of dubstep hyper-glitched textures ragga tech tunes into 2 CDs.One mixed with tons of dub manipulations (CD2) and the other one presenting each track in its own integrity.

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