26 Jun

Inducer – Riot EP

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  • WEEK Jul. 2016/28
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 22 min 24 sec

Track 1

1. Microdose. [6:40]

Track 2

2. Riot. [7:52]

Track 3

3. Guilloche. [7:52]


Ovnimoon Records presents this amazing dark minimal progressive psytrance release from Inducer…with this three track single Riot. After blowing our minds with his debut album Fluo on Geomagnetic Records Ivan aka Inducer aka Endeavour continues to amaze us with his precisely crafted chunky and techy smash hits. Keeping pace with the cutting edge international soundscape consuming the dancefloors of the world while pushing out to new vistas has always been our most enjoyable aspect of Ivan Gonzalez music. Whether its blasting full power night time full on Psytrance or deep subliminal psychedelic dark techno trance Endeavor / Inducer is certainly a musical project to keep track of.Appearing on many of the leading psy labels like HAdra 24/7 Expo Blacklite Grasshopper Catalyst 2 Side Rec WarpBrain Mutagen Tarkus Kundalini Profound SpeedSound and recently on the Astro-D Remix album. Constantly playing out and somehow managing to score incredible bookings at top trance events all over Mexico and recently Europe and South America you have probably already danced your butt off to his music and possibly not even realized.The music of Ivan Gonzalez is becoming a main floor phenomenon appearing in the biggest DJs music collections and time and time again blasting the hugest dance floors into pleasurable mush.

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