01 Jan

Isaak Hypnotizer – 1 Freedom

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  • WEEK Jun. 2008/23
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Controlling Your Dreams2. Mysterious Abduction3. Hidden Constellation4. After Sandstorm5. Moon beach morning6. 1 Freedom7. Surfin in between worlds8. Liquid spectral day9. Relaxing10. Every moment is magical11. Amethyst12. Asian Sunset1
3. Every day dream life


First album of the young talented Ibizencan producer Isaak Hypnotizer “1 Freedom” is a……superb opus exploring Ambient and Ethnic.Native from the island Isaak Hypnotizer has absorbed its vibrations to build his creativity. It results in a definitively modern and very fresh album.Since the age of 17 (1997) Isaak Hypnotizer is resident as an ambient DJ in the well-known Kumharas bar (Ibiza www.kumharas.org). He plays an original and creative ambient and chillout magic sessions to watch the sunset… He has played along with artists such as Pathaan Loic (Total Eclipse) Elea Lennart (Ibizarre)… He began to play with DAT tapes in the Ibiza psytrance free parties and has played also in all the Ibiza places along with artists such as Absolum (3dvisionrecords) Celli (spunrecords) Serge Souque Dado Dimitri DKN Neuromotor Skazi Raja Ram Hyper Frequencies Digital Talk Shakta GMS CPU…Appearing on several compilations such as “Kumharas Ibiza” “Tibet a culture un danger”… Isaak Hypnotizer produces an original creative psychedelic sound working on an ethnic rhythmed ambient side.

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