23 Jun

Jaia – Electricity Remixed EP

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  • WEEK Aug. 2017/34
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 21 min 15 sec

Track 1

1. Electricity (Mindwave Remix). [7:49 140 Cm]

Track 2

2. Electricity (Suduaya Remix). [6:47 140 Fm]

Track 3

3. Electricity (Tuatara Remix). [6:39 187 Fm]


Few producers on the scene have left a mark as deep as legendary Jaia. Now it”s time to pay…… tribute to on eof his iconic track Electricity. TechSafari Records is proud to present not one not two but three breathtaking remixes each with the power to sooth the soul and energize the body.

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