28 Jun

Kali – Rockers Dubstep Like Kelly

Скачать бесплатно Kali - Rockers Dubstep Like Kelly

  • WEEK Dec. 2012/50
  • STYLE: Dub
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 881034890009

1. Rockers step like Kelly2. Humpback3. Driveby4. Undersea Adventure5. Zion is mighty6. Chalice Smoke7. Tantric Glow8. Binary Tertials9. Junior Bunny


Bass Star Rec. and Geomagnetic eagerly present this next level 2nd artist album…… from California based Electronica virtuoso often known as Kali aka Collin Miller.Strongly influenced by the classical EDM sound known as “Bay Area Dubstep” this album is traditionally infused with instruments live sounds and unique samples innovating a unique take on the mainstream sound of today”s festival”s raves arenas and massive clubs.”Rockers Dubstep Like Kelly” will help you take a step back and enjoy the more casual and relaxed side of dance floor electronica. From the beginning you are thrown deep into the party sound that is an instant throw back to the hoppin dance floors and grinding crowds of the West Coast EDM culture.As the rhythms take control of your sensibilities you will feel the sensations and experiences of the full spectrum variety you didn”t know you wanted.Enjoy a full flavored romp through strong heady bass music.

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