28 Jun

Keser – Robo Ghost

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  • WEEK Nov. 2009/45
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5029385988449

1. Jimmy Wah2. Chiaroscuro3. Splice the glitch4. If I only took a photograph5. Acts of dog6. Sesevenen7. Shiny green suit8. Diablo Canyon 19. 3 Point Play (Set Piece)10. Nonchalant Repartee11. Nerd Ensemble12. Arizona State


Keser is a Scottish two-piece band from Edinburgh UK.Ambient/Experimental/Rock/Electronica pioneers Keser release their second album worldwide in November 200
9.That premiere release coupled with their mesmerising live performances saw them achieve an instant high status among their peers radio presenters promoters indie fans press and critics alike with the vast majority of the latter printing rave reviews and hailing the creation of a unique guitar-based electronic sound.The high standards that Keser had already set for their recorded work have been surpassed on Robo Ghost. With long time collaborator Gavin Clark now a fully fledged member of Keser he brings lush electronic beats and synths to the recording that are a staple of his solo guise 30K. Under the tutelage of Producer Paul Croan the recording is diamond clear and the songs show a lucid musical step forward.The warning shots for this advancement are well and truly fired with the album”s opening tracks “Jimmy Wah” and “Chiaroscuro” as they delve into textured electronics wailing guitars and eclectic bass lines. “Splice the Glitch” strikes an emotional chord building on pulsing beats and heart strings being plucked in time with those of the guitar. As with “In the Next Beginning” (on its older sibling) track 5 on Robo Ghost is an equally pivotal track that combines subtlety and aggression as beats/fierce guitars collide and unravel like the sun rising on a sleepy morning. Leading into the second half of the album the listener is treated to some crisp light maybe even poppy tracks before “Diablo Canyon 1” kicks in with its drilling guitars. “3 Point Play (Set Piece)” will breathtakingly move you with a string section atop a poignant piano melody at the end evoking different powerful emotions at once. Keser then delve into the darker side of electronica before finishing with the epic “Arizona State” a 12 minute odyssey which wouldn”t sound out of place if Vangelis decided to tinker with the Blade Runner soundtrack once again; intrinsic crunching guitars and haunting frenetic beats pulsate into a fury of sound then fade out slowly so not to induce cardiac arrest.

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