19 May

Khooman – The Depths

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  • WEEK Mar. 2012/11
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 9366977747746

1. Armort Morz2. Into the abyss3. The Skull4. Syngularity5. Magnetic Frequency6. Full Moon Madness7. Into the darkroots8. Uhna9. Stolen Shades


Following a long break since his first full-scale release Khooman is back with his second album.The artist has been steadily evolving as a project over the past years participating in numerous compilation albums including Musica Materia Plantation Time Loop etc. In his individual tracks submitted for these compilations Khooman has been exploring various styles such as ambient chillout and downtempo and experimenting with their various shades and combinations.Today Khooman keeps mastering his art and moves on with his sonic experiments. His brand new second album titled The Depths represents a specific trend in Khooman”s latest stylistic explorations defined as twisted-sound forest psytrance.Khooman has so far officially released a sole track of this STYLE: as part of the 2007 compilation album titled Scream of Nature.The Depths is a musical tale comprising nine tracks and showcasing Khooman”s most sophisticated stylistic compositions and experiments involving sounds and noises. We will be treated to a mesmerizing musical narrative featuring shamanic chants voices of peculiar creatures and the outlandish chatter of mysterious forest dwellers ” all woven into an intricate fabric of tunes and sounds originating from a variety of synthesizers and effects processors and structured into a hypnotic rhythm by bass and bass-drum.Khooman”s new release brings you an entrancing atmosphere to guide you through a spectacular journey into the nightand your very personal immersion into the depths.

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