22 Jun

M.Grassow and T.Weiss – Electric Angels

Скачать бесплатно M.Grassow and T.Weiss - Electric Angels

  • WEEK Nov. 2010/44
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 884502837513

1. Enfolding Presence – Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss2. Touch of Glimmer – Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss3. Crystal Children – Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss4. Era – Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss5. Acrossway – Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss6. Emotone – Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss7. Introbalance – Mathias Grassow and Tomas Weiss


A spacious adventure showcasing an hour of high quality Ambient……with an amazing array of subtle and intricate detail. Ranging from dynamic and engaging dronescapes to razor-sharp produced textures flavored with a touch of early Space Music.Electric angels is a fusion of heart and mind. Leaving the industrial age of the 19th century and the information age of the 20th century behind the 21st century opens the door to the age of consciousness.Electric angels is a musical representation of this passage from the old era into a new one. Limited CD in special two panel digi file.

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