10 Aug

MidiMotion – Forgotten Taste

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  • WEEK Sep. 2015/39
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 84 min 57 sec

Track 1

1. Forbidden Spaces. [10:41]

Track 2

2. Kebama. [8:43]

Track 3

3. Mission Control. [9:05]

Track 4

4. Butternatter. [8:59]

Track 5

5. Wood and Leather. [10:25]

Track 6

6. Rot oder Blau. [10:00]

Track 7

7. The Plan. [9:12]

Track 8

8. Herr Freimann. [8:54]

Track 9

9. Burning Rage. [8:58]


Midimotion is a Music Producer and DJ from Germany and lives near the Danish border.After starting years ago as a Bassman in several Punkrock and HC bands he began to produce Eletronic Music in 199
7.After trying some different setups mostly hardware synths and different ways of producing he nowadays works with Ableton Live which gives him the best workflow for his own requirements.In 2013 after a long period of “stageless times” Midimotion come out of the studio and entered the stages to perform his own music on events like Psychedelic Circus Nothern Experience and many more. Midimotion is always working on new Tracks. His first Album will be released in fall 2015 on Delicatek Records. With his pumping Progressive Trance sounds he is ready to rock the rest of world!

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