12 Aug

Mind and Matter – Fragile Nature

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  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 0 min 0 sec

Track 1

1. Intro (Original Mix) – Mind Matter. [0:00]

Track 2

2. Fragile Nature (Original Mix) – Mind Matter. [0:00]

Track 3

3. Hollow Earth (Original Mix) – Mind Matter Atomizers. [0:00]

Track 4

4. Imaginary Fields (Original Mix) – Mind Matter Yestermorrow. [0:00]

Track 5

5. Perspectives (Original Mix) – Mind Matter Helber Gun. [0:00]

Track 6

6. Minimum Density (Original Mix) – Mind Matter Jiser Zoetropes. [0:00]

Track 7

7. Area 51 (Original Mix) – Mind Matter. [0:00]

Track 8

8. Strange Matter (Original Mix) – Mind Matter. [0:00]

Track 9

9. Day out of Time (Original Mix) – Mind Matter. [0:00]

Track 10

10. Creativity (Original Mix) – Mind Matter. [0:00]

Track 11

11. Burn Inside (Mind and Matter Remix) – Liftshift. [0:00]


Iono-Music are proud to present the highly anticipated debut album from Mind and Matter -…… “Fragile Nature”!Alessandro Pintus and Celio Costa make up Mind and Matter. Both successful artists in their own rights – this collaborative project between two veterans really delivers us something special.”Fragile Nature” with its gorgeous gripping melodies; is more than the title track” it”s a key theme of the album and a message from the artists to us all. Mind and Matter believe that “music is one of the most representative integrated parts of nature and one of the most powerful ways of healing it” reminding us that “nature is fragile each time we are not aware of its Psychedelism”. The album is a powerful and stimulating journey through a forest of thumping militant beats rumbling bass lines psychedelically scintillating arpeggiated sounds and enchanted monsters!

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