18 Dec

Module Virus – Xochipilli – The Seven Flowers EP

Скачать бесплатно Xerox + Illumination - XI

  • WEEK Oct. 2005/41
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. Nightshift (rmx) – Xerox and Illumination2. Ghost in the machine – Xerox and Illumination3. Battleship – Xerox and Illumination4. Paranoia – Xerox and Illumination5. Soul control – Xerox and Illumination6. Funkenstein – Xerox and Illumination7. Assimilation of reality – Xerox and Illumination8. Oranda (final mix) – Xerox and Illumination9. Bottom line – Xerox and Illumination10. 7 days (Etnica rmx) – Xerox and Illumination


HOMmega is proud to present their 2nd joint venture album “XI”……featuring raw metallic full on psy trance with lots of power and drive. The album is filled with elements that bring to mind the likes of Cosma X-dream Domestic and more as the duo explores the deeper sides of global trance: from down tempo techno-trance through hectic electric big beat to massive epic psy trance – a joyous journey from start to end!The album includes 2 extra gems. The final remix for Astrixs hit “Oranda” (never released before) and a tribute remix by Etnica to the collaboration track with Chakra “7 days”Israels Xerox (Moshe Keinan) and Illumination (Amir Dvir) joined forces in 2002 and released their first collaboration album “Temporary Insanity” in 2004 to be followed by various releases on leading compilations of labels such as T.I.P world Hit Mania Crystal Matrix Sirius Noga and more

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