12 Jul

Mystica – Second Dive

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  • WEEK Jan. 2009/04
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 7296134239727

1. Second Dive2. Hashkini3. African Lullaby4. Cosmic Story5. Georgian Flute6. Angels Violin7. My Diana8. Ah La Salam9. Playing With My Self10. Simply Groovy11. Spooky12. Angels Love13. Sweet Innocent14. Mariana


Mystica plays a combination of psychedelic and classic trance with elements of folk and rock.All 3 band members come from the town Ashdod in the south of Israel.In 1997 Paul Oakenfold arrived in Israel with the Perfecto Fluoro tour.Paul played Mystica”s track “Ever Rest” twice that night at the Cinerama Club and a few days later Oakenfold”s Perfecto Records signed Mystica. In 1998 “Ever Rest” was released on a single by Perfecto with two remixes (by Brain BUY and Tour DE-Force). The single was a big success and entered the charts in Britain. Perfecto then released a second single “African Horizon”. This single had two mixes by X-Cabs and another track “Bliss” which also charted high.

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