13 Nov

Neelix – The Unreleased 2011 EP

Скачать бесплатно Plasmotek - Unreal EP

  • WEEK May 2012/18
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 25 min 8 sec
  • CATALOG: R241DW015

Track 1

1. Unreal. [7:25]

Track 2

2. Rebirth. [8:45]

Track 3

3. Stereotype Writer (Plasmotek rmx). [8:58]


Following on from his first digital EP on 24/7 Records…… one of the most highly acclaimed French artists on the scene Plasmotek is back with the “Unreal EP”.His innate ability to craft powerful driving music with elegant melodies and soundscapes has never been more apparent than in this new release.The EP consists of two original tracks and a remix of “Stereotype Writer” by the international titan of Psytrance Headroom.

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