18 Sep

Oplewing – Surfing One Life EP

Скачать бесплатно Astralex, Endeavour - Surface EP

  • WEEK Nov. 2014/47
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 22 min 38 sec
  • CATALOG: R241DW927

Track 1

1. Surface – Astralex Endeavour. [7:50]

Track 2

2. Solid Layers (Endeavour rmx) – Astralex Riff Ruff. [7:28]

Track 3

3. Simgularity (Astralex rmx) – Endeavour. [7:20]


Astralex is back with another smashing EP in 2014! This time collaborating with…… Endeavour a very well known Psytrance Producer from Mexico! The EP is called “Surface” named after the collaboration tack on the EP. A gnarly and ripping night-time psygressive track also suitable for morning forest floors and mad twilight sets!The other two tracks in this exclusive collaboration EP are a Endeavour remix of Astralex first-ever released solo track on 24/7 Rec. “Solid layers” feat.his brother Riff Ruff and a Astralex remix of “Singularity” a great track previously released on Zero Gravity Records! All in all a very much pounding and psychedelic release not to be missed!

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