27 Jun

Perfect Stranger – Eleven

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  • WEEK Feb. 2018/06
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
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  • FORMAT: 3 x Compact Disc
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1. Manifestation (Shanti V Deedrah Remix) – Perfect Stranger2. Done That (Merkaba Remix) – Perfect Stranger Sphera3. Six Feet Under (Captain Hook Remix) – Perfect Stranger4. Easy (Sphera Remix) – Perfect Stranger5. Time Warp (Eat Static Remix) – Perfect Stranger6. Twist in Hell (Gaudium Remix) – Perfect Stranger Yotopia7. Our Time (Rocky Tilbor Remix) – Perfect Stranger Liquid Soul8. Time Warp (LOUD Remix) – Perfect Stranger9. W (Klipsun Remix) – Perfect Stranger10. Clear Vision 07 (Desert Dwellers Remix) – Perfect Stranger11. Simple Cells (Gabi 2B Remix) – Perfect Stranger12. A Mosquito Bit My Leg (Electrypnose Remix) – Perfect Stranger13. Free Cloud (Jossie Telch Remix) – Perfect Stranger14. What”s the Lineup (Tongue and Groove Remix) – Perfect Stranger15. Time Warp (MVMB Remix) – Perfect Stranger16. Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam Remix) – Perfect Stranger Pena17. Free Cloud (Sensient Remix) – Perfect Stranger18. Ode Ao Sol (Gorovich Remix) – Perfect Stranger Pena19. Monolith (Revisited) – Perfect Stranger20. Frequency Initiation (Original mix) – Perfect Stranger Twisted Sibling21. Kns (Perfect Stranger Remix Revisited) – Atmos22. Bliss (Revisited) – Perfect Stranger23. Octopus (Perfect Stranger Remix) – Art of Trance24. Perfect Ace (Perfect Stranger Remix) – Perfect Stranger Ace Ventura25. Follow Me (Perfect Stranger Remix Revisited) – Ritmo26. Psychic Experience (Perfect Stranger Remix Revisited) – Liquid Ace


It”s been 11 years of Perfect Stranger and that means countless classic tunes that have kept up…… with the rhythm of time. The remix album features 3 CDs showcasing the very best of Perfect Stranger revisited by some of the finest artists in the scene each paying tribute to 11 years of perfectly strange tunes by adding their own manifesto of groove to the remixes.CD1 takes in the psychedelic trance sound with artists like Gaudium Loud Eat Static and Captain Hook taking on remix duties amongst many others. CD2 takes in the infamous psy-tech sound which Perfect Stranger did so much to hone with his 2008 release Free Clouds. Artists such as Spectre Jossie Telch and Sensient provide some scintillating remixes alongside a whole host of major artists in this niche area of the psychedelic sound. Last but not least we have CD3 which see”s Perfect Stranger revisiting a number of his previous remixes and putting a 2017 production polish on them.

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