14 Jun

Polyplex – Drunken Nights EP

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  • WEEK Apr. 2018/17
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 53 min 5 sec

Track 1

1. Psy Light – Wizack Twizack Polyplex. [9:35 192 Abm]

Track 2

2. Thank You Albert – Polyplex. [8:17 150 Bbm]

Track 3

3. Drunken Nights – Polyplex. [7:25 190 Am]

Track 4

4. We Do Love The Aliens – Polyplex. [11:57 170 Bm]

Track 5

5. Book Of The Dead – Polyplex. [7:42 112 Fm]

Track 6

6. Inner Animal – Polyplex. [8:09 168 Ebm]


Digital Drugs wont let you recover! Instead we decided to stuff a brand new High Tech…… Psychedelic Trance mega blaster in your ears! Polyplex aka Angelo Roudbari from Lund Sweden is Back! Extracting six freshies into this new EP titled “Drunken Nights” was no easy task so he resorted to pure extortion and refused to leave his house until rescued by his kind and compasionate neighbor Wizack Twizack who managed to finally extricate the mad man after promising to write one song. That was his mistake. Now Wizack Twizack is locked up inside the same insane asylum that Polyplex was shoe horned in which makes twice the madness (at least on track 1).

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