14 Dec

Psychowave – Leitmotif EP

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  • WEEK Aug. 2012/32
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 24 min 29 sec

Track 1

1. Moon Bindi – Psychowave. [7:32]

Track 2

2. Engineers Also Need Fun – Psychowave. [8:39]

Track 3

3. Tetragrammaton (Psychowave rmx) – Astrancer. [8:18]


One of the most respectable Brazilian Psychedelic Goa Trance projects Psychowave…… brings us a brand new pleasure formed in to shape of wonderfull EP release with one remix of also great Brazilian Goa Trance proejcts called Astrancer!”Leitmotif” EP is a musical therm referring to a recurring theme associated with a particular person place or idea.On this work each track represents one theme one motivation. Life inspirations translated into psychedelic trance trough acid synths trippy atmospheres creative basslines and up to date production that will drive your body and soul trough the most powerful and even unknowed feelings and emotions from the past present and future paths of your subconscious.Feel free to enjoy in this wonderful creation of Soth America!”

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