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Reborn Soul – Universal Attraction EP

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  • WEEK Jun. 2014/23
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • LENGTH: 78 min 22 sec

Track 1

1. Sweetness – Suduaya and Irina Mikhailova. [12:45]

Track 2

2. Silent Awareness – Suduaya and By The Rain. [9:11]

Track 3

3. Heartwork (Suduaya rmx) – Zero Cult. [9:36]

Track 4

4. Unity – Suduaya. [8:02]

Track 5

5. 80″s Technology (Suduaya rmx) – Green Beats. [8:42]

Track 6

6. All Is Full Of Light – Suduaya. [10:48]

Track 7

7. Voyager (Suduaya rmx) – Cabeiri. [7:53]

Track 8

8. Empty Your Mind (feat. Amin) – Suduaya. [11:25]


Louis-David aka Suduaya has been touring the world with his guitar since 20
10…… playing live sets of top-class progressive and ambient music into the most popular and amazing parties.The perfect words to describe Unity are light and intense. It is a morning down tempo album but with deep presence of rolling basslines. This union between ethereal trancy textures with inviting deep seated vibrations is delicious. With or without a 4/4 beat structure each track offers a cohesive heart-moving feeling while at the same time keeping the intense frequencies grounded. It floats really high and simultaneously our legs feel gravity and stay on the ground.His music encourages people to gather onto the dance floor enjoying an open earth experience and a deep communion all together with nature. Unity builds an original way to present a down tempo album. It is a beautiful combination of mysticism and grounded construction not to mention awesome homemade guitar lines signed by Suduaya. The light is everywhere in this album. Airy feeling soul-moving atmosphere a big smile to the universe! A must have in your discography.

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