07 Aug

Reuna – Smelly

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  • WEEK Oct. 2003/41
  • STYLE: Experimental
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. A word from Teddy – Reuna
2. Ladies and gentlemen – Reuna
3. Ruski (feat. Aarre) – Reuna
4. Nu-Year in Ankara – Reuna
5. Eventually liking myself even more – Reuna
6. Like myself – Reuna
7. A word from Zappa – Reuna
8. Upwenta – Reuna
9. Otz – Reuna
10. Maximum booty – Reuna1
1. Odysseus – Reuna1
2. Hilda – Reuna1
3. Ramsai – Reuna


Reuna have built a strong following through their live performances since 199
8.The band started as a duo with Johnny Island playing the double necked guitar-bass monster and Teddy Rok punishing the drums.Today the band is fortified by T-mu taking care of mixing and effects. Expect fireworks of sound and explosions of good vibes.It is hard to make machines breathe and smell of sweat. The best way is to push the machines over the limit then the sound is not controlled anymore says Johnny Island; referring to the bands habit of using machines to make sounds that they weren”t originally meant to make.All the members of Reuna are multitalented musicians and the list of bands and musicians that they have collaborated with is extensive; Trilok Gurtu Nuspirit Helsinki Don Huonot Filmtet Circle XL Jukka Perko Giant Robot Quintessence Nils Landgren ZetaBoo and SoSo.

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