24 May

Rising Dust and Bubble – Purify

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  • WEEK Feb. 2016/07
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 68 min 55 sec

Track 1

1. Unity (feat. Asi Shiran) – Rising Dust. [7:49]

Track 2

2. Sparo – Rising Dust. [6:21]

Track 3

3. Gipsy Johnny – Rising Dust. [7:10]

Track 4

4. My Fellow Flowers – Rising Dust. [8:57]

Track 5

5. Hillel – Rising Dust. [8:18]

Track 6

6. M.B in Zurich – Rising Dust. [7:27]

Track 7

7. B Water – Bubble Rising Dust. [7:42]

Track 8

8. Space Invaders – Rising Dust. [8:31]

Track 9

9. Changa – Bubble Rising Dust. [6:40]


Mainstage Records is delighted to welcome on board the up-rising due “Rising Dust”…with their debut album “Purify”. The album is featuring a 9 track psychedelic journey in the world of Rising Dust Each track in this album was made to keep you stomping on the dance-floor Tested in the biggest festivals around the globe and than went back for final tweaks in their Studio Everything about this album is “TOP Notch” starting from the musical story behind each track to the production of the album mastering and finishing with the mind blowing artwork Every detail has been taken to deepest consideration to present you the album as an masterpiece. Get ready to be “Purified”…

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