13 Nov

S.U.N. Project – Insectified

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  • WEEK Jul. 2004/29
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. On My Way2. Hangin” Around3. Dance Of The Witches (St. Pauli Mix)4. A Hard Ride5. Just A Question6. Sequence Traveller7. Steam8. Setting Up For Flying Now (Funky Mix)9. Polaroid People


Hamburg based trio Marco Menichelli Matthias Rumoeller and McCoy have been busy touring…… and producing their fourth album for Spirit Zone Recordings. Producing together as S.U.N. Project sin-ce 1995 the former rock band turned to psy trance in a big way. Having become scene favourites around the globe over the years. Their music never stops kicking up a storm on the dancefloor and the famous live acts are delivered with an energetic passion for performing.The experiences from S.U.N. Project”s live performances are taken back into the studio directly transformed into new themes and song flows. Their new album “Insectified” consolidates the three musicians as experts in their craft putting together their unique vision of funky instrumental and fully mental floor filler material. The albums” collection of rich sound scapes and catching hook lines is packed with monumental passages and build ups. Varying acid riffs and funky grooves merge with atmospheric pads forming the signature in S.U.N. Project”s music produced so far. Topping it all off with rockin” electric guitar breaks and solos the production of “Insectified” expo-ses psy-rock fusion in a completely new light.This album is a must have for all S.U.N. Project fans out there and also a perfect addition to any truly rocking party collection. No doubt will we be hearing a lot of “album title” and what is yet to come during one of S.U.N. Project”s gigs this summer season.

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