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Sensient – Way Of The Sloth

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  • WEEK Nov. 2014/46
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: Require 2-6 days
  • PSYRIP + free mp3 download
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5060376220919

1. Indifference (Hibernation rmx) – Grouch2. Invisible Spirit – Drift3. Rich in Loss – Guru Shishya4. Solaris Vision – Gaudi5. Dust Devil (Hibernation rmx) – Kaya Project6. Jazz Circus – Variant Field7. Walk Tall (Throwback Dub Mix) – Another Fine Day8. Fuerza Brutal – Austero9. In Orbit – Fredrik Ohr10. Flipside – Liquid Stranger11. Cosmic Center – Sinepearl12. Mondays – Spiral System13. Prefer To Stay In – Alucidnation


Waypoint compiled by Interchill Records label head Andrew Ross Collins is the 21st various artists release in the label”s journey so far. A waypoint is a set of coordinates establishing a point in physical space a place to stop on a long road. Waypoint explores beyond genre specifics into an expansive listening experience encompassing a wide perspective of chilled out sounds.Favouring contrast over similarity this compilation inspires as it carries the listener on a sonic voyage through exquisite musical landscapes. Grouch has been blazing a trail around the world with highly regarded live sets and his track Indifference is remixed by Hibernation (the project of multi talented producer Seb Taylor aka Kaya Project). Second up is a track by Drift which is a tribute by Adham Shaikh to his friend Tim Floyd. Together they recorded a landmark album as Drift which was released on Instinct Ambient as well as a number of other pieces. Tim blazed out of this earthly plane last year and Adham revisited some of their recordings to bring us Invisible Spirit where mirroring reality the end of the song is cut short… Staying in the flow of acoustic sounds at the forefront Guru Shishya”s Rich in Loss is one of those tunes that sticks in your head and demands repeats. Really nicely recorded and produced with plenty of dynamic range. Then comes Gaudi bringing us a change of course with a chunky and detailed dub track Solaris Being. As always he nails it and lays on thick bass-lines with all the reverb and delay feedback you could possibly want yet done with the subtle touch of a dub master. Kaya Project”s track Dust Devil is given the Hibernation remix treatment; brush drums stand up bass glitchy details and muted trumpet all rolled into a fine blend of head nodding smokey vibes. Variant Field is next up with Dulcet Dalliance – a track that has a whimsical and playful nature as well as a nice backbeat. Variant Field is Alex de Young with Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers fame. Tom Green”s project Another Fine Day brings us Walk Tall – a cut off his album due out on Interchill Spring 201
5. Great composition and playing here with his piano lead telling the story and bringing a smile. Austero is one half of Sunmonx and his tune Fuerza Brutal contrasts solid production with acoustic melodies and the track morphs and develops as it travels along; another one that calls out for repeats. Fredrik Ohr”s track In Orbit is a work of genius that grabs your attention with uber clean and interesting production presented in an intelligent arrangement that leaves you wanting more. The mood here segues well into Liquid Stranger”s Flipside which features a gentler and more introspective side of the Stranger yet with all his production ability shining through. Into the home stretch of the album we sail into the sublime calm of Sinepearl”s Cosmic Center which elevates and soothes at the same time. Spiral System”s Mondays grounds out the journey reintroducing guitar elements into the flow – they obviously have better Mondays than most of us. Lastly taking it home is alucidnation with Prefer to Stay In – the sonic equivalent of falling slow motion backwards into a 6 foot tall stack of down duvets with obligatory soft lighting. Some compilers do a great job of digging into a narrow band of sounds and staying on the same course. The compilation process with Waypoint involved more trust than cherry picking – following the courses set by artists close to the label and creating a journey out of the ingredients.Every artist here has a great body of work behind them… enjoy exploring.

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