12 Jul

Shyisma – Evidence EP

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  • WEEK Oct. 2012/43
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 20 min 1 sec

Track 1

1. Evidence. [6:34]

Track 2

2. Organic. [6:34]

Track 3

3. Turn. [6:53]


One of the most popular ways to be convinced of something is to receive some kind of evidence.We cling on somebody”s testimony or a piece of object and then believe a certain storyline. We believe our senses our eyes and ears that what we see has a logical reasoning a rational explanation. But what happens if reality is more complex if our senses cannot comprehend or understand what is around us?In order to help us understand the current evidence we have an auditory assistant ” Shyisma aka Elia Cantelli and Diego Ferri from Italy who will guide us through the labyrinth of sounds.After several EP”s at Iono Music we realized that our relationship needs to grow deeper. After we had listened to the first tunes we realized that the hard evidence was presented. It was an Organic instinct which emerged naturally that kind of reflex realization that you just know it is what you thought it is. There is no need to turn to other signs of proof we know this EP will rock you all you need to do is try yourself and start dancing.

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