10 Mar

Side Effects – Black Hole EP

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  • WEEK Jul. 2013/27
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 31 min 3 sec

Track 1

1. Black Hole – Side Effects. [7:27]

Track 2

2. Treasure Map – Side Effects. [7:26]

Track 3

3. S.M.O.T.U. (Side Effects rmx) – Egorythmia. [7:37]

Track 4

4. My People – Side Effects. [8:33]


Side Effects aka Yarden Yogev and Tzahi Geller from Israel…… are producing a special kind of Black Hole in order to challenge your senses.They decided to take their good long lasting friendship along with their acquired expertise to the next level and about a year ago formed the Side Effects project. Both of them have rich experience with music production and mixing.After defying space and time Side Effects have created a Black hole that sucks you into a turbulence of sensation. Even My People did not know how to react and so they realized that the best way to grasp the new form of being they have transformed to is just to relax and enjoy the ride. Then they have murmured some kind of spell called S.M.O.T.U which was originally formed by Egorythmia but now received a whole new interpretation by Side Effects. The spell opened a whole new Black Hole that leads everyone to a magical Treasure Map that was showing the path to the ultimate nirvana.

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