26 Nov

Soul Six – Journey Into Sound EP

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  • WEEK Oct. 2015/42
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • LENGTH: 13 min 21 sec

Track 1

1. Happy Horror tales – Blanx Agent Kritsek Insane Logic. [6:45]

Track 2

2. Journey into sound – Soul Six. [6:36]


Human Technologies Records Happy and Proud to Present a Brand new EP…… from Moshik Tamir A.k.a Soul Six from Israle as their 13th Official Human Technologies Release.Soul Six is (Moshe Tamir ) from Tel Aviv Israel. One of the mainstays industry of electronic music in Israel. Moshe started His way in 1994 When he established local radio show and playing at underground parties in Israel. In 1995-6 he received Part in a night broadcast Two hours of Trance program in Tel Aviv where Broadcast Moshe Keinan( Xerox Vertical Mode) and many more. In 2000 Moshe began to playing DJ sets all over Israel under the name DJ Shinobi. Then he decided to do his own projects Soul Six very quickly collaborated to release some Remixes for: Vertical Mode Timelock Rocky Osher and Many more… In 2013 Moshe releases his First EP and another album collections take a respectable place in trance world.Soul six working and Released in labels such as Blue Tunes (Germany) Hadra (France ) Plusquam Records (Germany ) Dropzone Records ( Israel ) Yellow Sunshine Explosion (Germany ) and more

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