22 Aug

Space Tribe – Space Tribe Continuum Vol 2

Скачать бесплатно Space Tribe - Space Tribe Continuum Vol 2

  • WEEK Apr. 2011/17
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Require 2-6 days
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5060147126945

1. A pinch of psychedelic – Space Tribe2. Spiritual Experience – Space Tribe and Menog3. Single Dose – Space Tribe and CPU4. All reality is virtual – Space Tribe5. Astral body surfing – Space Tribe and Absolum6. See the light – ESP7. Short term what?? – Space Tribe and Psywalker8. Giants – Space Tribe9. Kikkin” up some dust – Space Tribe
10. 3rd eye spacebase – GMSpacetribe1
1. Alien Attack – Space Tribe and Sirius Issness1
2. Alternate Future – GMSpacetribe1
3. Total Disintegration (Guitar Mix) – ESP1
4. Wacko – Space Tribe and CPU1
5. Spiritual no body – Space Tribe and Psywalker1
6. Time Warp (Guitar Mix) – Space Tribe 7 Mad Maxx Feat. Jon Klein1
7. Mid summer night”s dream – ESP1
8. Deep Purple Haze (Star Spangled Mix) – ESP


Space Tribe Continuum Vol 2 follows hot on the heels of Vol
1.Space Tribe have been pioneers of the Psychedelic Trance since the early 1990s. Pushing the boundries awakening the senses creating Music Parties and the most psychedelic clothing seen on planet Earth.Space Tribe Continuum Vol 2 is the continuing journey through Time and Space. A freshly remastered double CD collection of some of the best Space Tribe tracks from the 2000 – 2005 period when the technology for making electronic music made giant steps forward and the Psychedelic Trance phenomenon became truly global. Including fantastic collaborations with GMS Absolum Menog Electric Universe CPU Psywalker Sirius Isness and Mad Maxx.Onwards and Upwards!

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