22 Jun

Synctronik – Electric Booze EP

Скачать бесплатно Synctronik - Electric Booze EP

  • WEEK Jun. 2013/23
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • LENGTH: 26 min 5 sec

Track 1

1. Electric Booze. [8:59]

Track 2

2. How Great I Am. [8:46]

Track 3

3. End of the World. [8:20]


Ovnimoon Records presents the debut EP by a new progressive psytrance group from Israel…… SyncTronik called Electric Booze. It gives out an extreme experience of electronic music accompanied with a touch of acoustic music which takes the listener to a magical journey of trance where harmony and music are one step ahead.The group holds 2 members from totally different backgrounds. The first member is Ben (Dave) Kassus comes from an acoustic music background guitar player songwriter composer and a music producer takes part in a major part of the vocals in the tunes. Dave Was born on July 1988 in the city of Arad in the south of Israel most of his adult life lived in Migdalim settlement in Sameria currently a student in the sound squad in the Ono academic college of music and sound in Tel Aviv.The second member is Shlomi (Ajanda) Elgrabli drummer and organist DJ and sound designer since the age of 14 playing for night clubs and parties a graduate of the B.P.M college of sound and music in Tel Aviv in the electronic music production squad(EMP). Shlomi was born on August 1989 in the city of Tiberias in the north of Israel. At first he made music alone under the name Ajanda and 2 years later was joined by an old army friend(Dave) very soon musical things began to happen and a trance group called Synctronik was born.

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