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Talamasca – Obsessive Dream

Скачать бесплатно Talamasca - Obsessive Dream

  • WEEK May. 2007/21
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc

1. Obsessive Dream – Talamasca2. Get It All – Talamasca3. My Destiny – Talamasca4. Feelings – Talamasca5. Supernatural – Talamasca6. Flashback – Talamasca7. Overload – Talamasca8. Spiritual Renewal – Talamasca9. Party Generation – Talamasca
10. On Purpose – Talamasca and Spacecat1
1. The Good Team – Talamasca and XSI and DJ Gogo1
2. Breaking the Matrix (rmx) – Talamasca and Sirius Isness1
3. Imaginary Friend – Talamasca and Skazi1
4. High Vibe (Live Version) – Talamasca and GMS1
5. This isnt a mistake – Talamasca and Shagma1
6. To be continued – Talamasca and Eskimo1
7. Frenchman in Tokyo (rmx) – Talamasca and XSI1
8. Ambient N Roll – Talamasca and Yuman


Talamasca is the main project of Cedric Dassulle……a french Dj who began to play in 1992 in Paris. After being resident of the Rex club in 94/95 he decided to make his own productions under the name of Talamasca and released his first album on 3D Vision in 199
7. Since then he”s playing his live act all around the world and gives sometime some dj sets under the name of Dj Lestat his first name as a dj. More than 100 tracks have been released on the best labels of this STYLE: of music but Talamasca will surprise you here with his fifth album “Obessive Dream” with the quality of the sounds he put there and by mixing those groovy rythms those uplifting melodies and those full-on parts he became famous for all together with his unique atmospheres…In this album you”ll find also in the tradition of Talamasca”s albums some collaborations and not with “anyone”…you “ll find here the Talamasca remix of what will become for sure a “classic” of trance the track called “Imaginary Friend” made in collaboration with Skazi a track made with Spacecat called “On purpose” and for those who remember the last collaboration of those two artists “Armaggedon” they know that those two artists together are doing great tracks…and this one is above all expectations…and then a third track made in collaboration with dj Gogo one of the Mind control Dj”s.

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