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Talpa – White Clouds EP

Скачать бесплатно Chandanam - Whispers Of The Silent Colors

  • WEEK Jun. 2011/26
  • STYLE: Ambient Chillout
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc

1. First Chapter2. Upstairs Round3. Dream4. Silk5. Feather6. Rains and hills7. Curtain fondled by wind8. Vilnele9. Flash10. Heavens11. A Veil of Maya


“Whispers of The Silent Colors” is the first release by Lithuanian composer Adomas Imkunas…… as “Chandanam” and the second in a series of “Private Pressings” to be released by Virtual of composers works which we feel vibrate in sympathy with the labels vision and which have inspired us in some way.”Whispers of The Silent Colors” is a beautiful journey into an imaginary world of lush riverbanks and radiant green water world”s.The music flows in a totally fluid like motion and ebbs into a series of colourful inner landscapes and vistas which draw the listener in and keep offering new surprises and points of view.

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