27 Sep

Team 18 – Team Eighteen

Скачать бесплатно Tea Chairz - Tea Chairs

  • WEEK May. 2007/19
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: 3 x Compact Disc

1. MentalMetalSnakeSnack2. O Kiinni3. Light utility vehicle4. Chillingham Cheese5. Lankey Love Herz6. Mondo Suzuki Omnigod7. Eye shit on acid8. MondoSuzuki Omnigod ((TazManiac rmx)9. Mt. Wellington Rock10. Aishtemas1
1. Demon Tree1
2. Pandanus Spiralis1
3. Fuckin” Alien1
4. Playing with colour1
5. Beverages1
6. Silver Wasp1
7. Bust (find the drugz)1
8. Bargrynder1
9. Tzump-In (Chairs rmx)20. Cruise wide open2
1. Friend til” the end2
2. Chapora Sunrise2
3. The spice deep-end-dance2
4. 20000 Camel Bride2
5. Microscopic Retails2
6. Tube U Want Tube U Get2
7. Returnofthepalu2
8. Type of cheese in your bum2
9. Weak Structures30. Daves JewJew3
1. Perhosiamaksassa3
2. Listen Tomy Hooves3
3. Sorry Reptoid3
4. Weather Control3
5. Turrikaner3
6. Aamutakki3
7. Tri You Oli3
8. Heavenly Fruits


Strap yourself in for a tryptamine rollercoaster ride of fungalithic proportions!Already a cult classic in the slsk underground now for the first time available in full studio mastered wave form quality… The inevitable rebirth of Demon Tea Recordings presents in all its deluxe shiny-as-an-agents-ass triple digi pack glory the long awaited and much anticipated Tea Chairz album.38 tracks of pure underground psychedelia hatched over two crazy summers in the DMT ShedQuarters Recording Studio located in the high altitude mushroom drenched banana growing regions of Chillingham Australia. Tea Chairz is Tim Thick Penti Slayer of Texas Faggot Mandala Vandalz fame and various collaborators from the tryptamine underground.Track styles range from Electric Surf Rock to Psy Trance and Goa back again to chill and Breakbeat weirdness and are dripping with humorous off the wall samples. This release was unfortunately dogged by delays for a long time by the practical joking and always humorous universe perhaps you can tell us why!I hope you have as much fun as we at Demon Tea have had from this very personal release

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