26 Dec

Tim Davidson – A Long Way From Home

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  • WEEK May 2008/20
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5065001095030

1. Gateway2. Rattle and Hum3. Brass Monkeys4. Dolce5. Sticks and stones6. Headlights in the clouds7. Su2428. Absolute9. Dance move 8710. Smash and Grab11. Idle Vice12. Beckoning Silence


From James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli at Creamfields to Carl Cox at DC10 and John Digweed in……Osaka no peak time set was complete last year without Tim Davison”s reworking of the Chemical Brothers “Hey Boy Hey Girl”. With almost ten consecutive weeks on Radio 1 including the Essential Mix this rapidly became one of the biggest underground hits of 2007 and a failsafe floor filler for headline DJs the world over..It was when he was selected by Dave Seaman and Nick Warren as one of their Gallery “Future Heroes” in 2003 that Tim first came to the attention of the London scene. Now with over 45 tracks signed to labels including Baroque Re+brand Plastic Fantastic and Mashtronic and remixes of Grammy Award winners “Deep Forest” and New York house legend “Lenny Fontana” – not to mention his eagerly anticipated official remix of Cevin Fisher”s seminal “You Got Me Burning Up” – Tim has definitely emerged as one of the most promising producers of recent years.With so many accomplishments tucked under his belt an album was long overdue and “Long Way From Home” is the debut offering that so many have been waiting for.

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