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TomtronandLiesegang – Electric Tandem

Скачать бесплатно TomtronandLiesegang - Electric Tandem

  • WEEK Mar. 2004/13
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc

1. Blue one – Tomtron and Liesegang
2. Under the sun – Tomtron and Liesegang
3. Neotom – Tomtron and Liesegang
4. Electric tandem – Tomtron and Liesegang
5. Luna – Tomtron and Liesegang
6. Positive mind – Tomtron and Liesegang
7. Take a look – Tomtron and Liesegang
8. La buta – Tomtron and Liesegang
9. Annihilating rythm – Tomtron and Liesegang
10. Bhang – Tomtron and Liesegang1
1. Electric tandem (live) – Tomtron and Liesegang1
2. Luna (live) – Tomtron and Liesegang1
3. Annihilating rythm (live) – Tomtron and Liesegang1
4. Positive mind (live) – Tomtron and Liesegang1
5. Under the sun (live) – Tomtron and Liesegang1
6. La buta (live) – Tomtron and Liesegang1
7. Take a look (live) – Tomtron and Liesegang


Domo Records are proud to present the awaited album of DJ Tomtron and Timm Liesegang.DJ Tomtron born in 1972 is one of the most experienced and appreciated German DJs in the local progressive trance scene.Timm Liesegang born in 1974 discovered different kinds of music through playing the guitar especially Irish folk music which he performed in pubs all over Germany and Ireland. While exploring the psychedelic and progressive trance he met DJ Tomtron and in 2002 they started to make music together.The first CD is the album version of Electric Tandem with a very pumping progressive groove and 10 tracks reflecting the new German progressive sounds.The second CD is a live version of 7 of the tracks in the album with added live percussions and guitars which adds dance-floor “electricity” to the tracks.

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