19 Jun

Tranan – Restarter

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  • WEEK Oct. 2005/41
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Require 2-6 days
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 5017744100632

1. Restarter2. Repetator3. Deep Reef4. Splat5. Resonance Dinner6. Compilation Stimulation7. Bump8. Infected by Devils9. Lost10. Bio Toxic


Tranan AKA Jonas Pettersson is from Sweden. In 1996 he and Johan Krafft formed……Logic Bomb but the project went into a temporary hiatus the next year when he became involved in another project Hux Flux with Dennis Tapper and Jonas Bergvall. After completing the Hux Flux album Jonas Pettersson and Jonas Bergvall left to concentrate on Logic Bomb with Johan Krafft in the summer of 199
9.In 2000 they released their 1st album “Head Ware” which got a great reviews as well as a world tour. Since then Logic Bomb has contributed to various labels compilations. In 2002 they launched their 2nd album entitled “Unlimited” from TIP.World solidifying their status as one of the top artists. With the release of “Restarter” Jonas will once again take the world by storm as Tranan his solo project.

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