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VA – Best Of Noga Vol 2

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  • WEEK Jun. 2009/27
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 4518575732555

1. Tokyo Tel-Aviv – Vibe Tribe Gataka Electro Sun Ziki2. Deep and Wild – Aquatica3. Strike – Ziki Cosmic Tone4. Ye Boy – Cosmic Tone5. Be free – System Nipel6. Bubble Crush – Electro Sun Stereomatic7. Human Nation – Sesto Sento8. Chords of paradise – Aquatica System Nipel9. Super Funk – Phanatic Stereomatic Electro Sun10. Jumper – Ananda Shake Audiotec11. Higher Level (Electro Sun Visual Paradox rmx) – Gataka Aquatica12. Maniac – Zikimoto13. Key to the Universe – Sesto Sento


Compiled by one of the most announced Dj”s in Japan Dj Ziki!Noga Records the premier Japanese Trance label is back with the second chapter of its luxurious “Best of Noga” compilation series mixed by international producer/Dj and label head Ziki.Noga Records was founded in early 2005 by Tokyo based Israeli Ziki with an aim to spice up the prosperous and active Japanese Trance scene. To be bring change and to give an impact to it.Four years of persistence perseverance hard work and creativity have placed Noga Records in a league of its own surpassing the plans and expectations.Ziki has been playing an active role in the colorful Japanese for over a decade. Known for his uncompromised sophisticated long Dj sets and uplifting Live act performances.He has hand picked 13 of his favorites and skillfully mixed these ass-kicking selections of tunes. His debut album – Eliminator was released in 200
7. Restless Ziki produces under an additional allias Zikimoto alongside Tokyo”s finest – Mitsumoto (Hideyuki Mitsumoto the man behind Future Sonic Joujouka and Syzgism projects).

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