25 May

VA – Digital Drugs 4 Robot Revolution

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  • WEEK Feb. 2009/07
  • STYLE: Psytrance Psychedelic Trance
  • STOCK: In Stock
  • FORMAT: Compact Disc
  • BARCODE 0881034279095

1. Daydreaming – Dr.Hoffman MindController2. Butterfly – Psyshark KalilaskovAS3. Robot Revolution – Virtual Light Wizack Twizack4. Senti-Mental – Overhuman Project5. Psychedelic Virus – Paraforce6. Psycho Piano(K_Lapso rmx) – Iron Madness7. HeadGear – Darkforce8. NooScape – FaceHead9. Merlin the wise – FrostRaven10. Those with fear – Tricossoma11. The system is down – Random


Prescribed by Dr. SpookDigital Drugs is a coalition of psychedelic trance artists from around the globe who believe that digital art music are the purest form of getting high. expect unique fresh truly out of this world productions from this hot posse!This wild new cd showcases the most respected dark psy producers together next to a crew of talented artists that are less well known but also quite talented! The disc opens with a melodic and uplifting corker by Dr.Hoffman vs. MindController a dynamic duo from Guadalajara Mexico. Its followed by a reserved yet full on blaster by Psyshark vs Kalilaskov AS both from Israel with what is deep and haunting ballad fittingly titled Butterfly.Virtual Light from Canada and Wizack Twizack from Sweden transcend all boundaries and deliver up the revolutionary title track. Overhuman from Columbia gives us a mental excursion we wont forget. Paraforce from India steps things up a notch to rattle our screws loose with a full throttle mind slammer. Next up K Lapso from Portugal remixes an ultra classic by none other than Iron Madness! From there Darkforce from Israel slips on the psy helmet with this burst of dark comedy.Next are two fanatical artists from the USA West Coast. Facehead ensures that escape in not wanted while Frost Raven makes us beg to know more this mysterious wizard of wump. Tricossoma from Portugal points out that those with Fear seldom attain their goals. From here legendary and most versatile psy trance artist on the planet maestro Random from psychedelic capital San Francisco doses us with a memorable closer of titanic dimensions.From start to what no doubt is a finish you wont ever want to end this full spectrum romp from a truly international team delivers the goods to places you didn”t know that sorely needed a solid dose.

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