27 May

VA – Dimas aka D-Formation Diametric

Скачать бесплатно VA - Dimas aka D-Formation Diametric

  • WEEK Apr. 2004/18
  • STYLE: Progressive Trance
  • STOCK: Not available
  • FORMAT: 2 x Compact Disc

1. Dub (matic presence) – Velarde2. Esperanza – Penn and Chus3. AfterE urner – Martin Bros4. What makes the world go round – Miguel Picasso5. La Noche – Coca and Villa6. Niame Y – Perfect sense7. Life of death – Fernandez and Jota8. Signs and Portents – Dimas vs D-Formation9. Monike – Dimas vs D-Formation10. In stereo – Chus and Ceballos vs Tedd11. From apes to humans – Fernandez and Plaza12. Isolate – Roman Liske vs Namsels1
3. Signs and Portents strings – Intro1
4. Over – Martin H1
5. Werq – Richie Santana1
6. Sensual beats – David Gausa1
7. Life from Mars – Simon and Shaker1
8. Day light – Riva1
9. New Dimension – Dj Petzi20. Resonate – Victor Calderone2
1. The love you need – When is dark2
2. Seduction – David Lara2
3. Signs and Portents (original mix) – Dimas vs D-Formation2
4. From apes to humans (original mix) – Fernandez and Plaza2
5. Capture at mind – Roman Liske2
6. The third dimension – Dimas vs D-Formation


Today we want to offer the new 2CD from D-Formation……one of the most representative artists from the Beat Freak label.This Double CD contains an exquisite house selection (Penn and Chus “Esperanza”, D-Formation “Signs and portents”, Chus and Ceballos vs Tedd Patterson “In Stereo”, Martin H “Over”) and counts with the precious collaboration of other formations.

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